CLINICAL TRIALS WERE PUBLISHED ON 05-10-2004 in Indian Journal of Aerospace Med 48(2), 2004 By
Wg Cdr Dr. VG Vasishta, Dr RV Kumar+, Surgeon Cdr LJ Pinto#


The Clinical Trials were held over a period of Time at The Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Ministry of Defense Bangalore.

35 patients with Osteoarthritis were treated for both knees (70 Knees in total) each knee was considered a separate case were part of the trials as shown in table.

Each patient received a 21 day treatment of QMR on Cytotron.

Treatment effect measured in terms of:

  • Pain Score [P]
  • Range of Movement [ROM]
  • Total Knee Score [TKS]
  • Total Functional Score [TFS]

The Knee Society score consisting of P, TKS, TFS and ROM were analyzed. According to the Knee Society scoring :

  • P has a maximum scale of 50 for ‘no pain’
  • TKS has a maximum scale of 100 being ‘the best’
  • TFS also has a maximum scale of 100 and
  • ROM has a maximum of 25 indicating ‘normal or maximum’ range of movement

Each patient after treatment experienced significant reduction in pain (P) from unbearable 14 to highly bearable 35.Total Knee Score (TKS) improved 80% from 36 to 60. Total Functional Score (TFS) improved from 42 to 68


(a) Younger subjects had earlier subjective and objective relief, which was almost complete at 21 days.

(b) Subjects with lower pain scores (i.e. more pain) showed greater subjective improvements.

(c) No gender difference to treatment was seen.

(d) Significant difference in status at the end of treatment and at one month was noted.

(e) Exposure of the knee cartilage to RFQMR is an effective method of treatment and can be a new line of treatment for

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